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Wednesday, 20 November 2013 13:10

Improve PR with Timing and Selective Distribution

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Effective communication requires good content and thoughtul, selective delivery.

Communicating does not mean telling everyone everything, all the time and all at once.

We've all known someone who never stops talking, who goes on and on and on, never pausing to let us contribute (a real conversation!) or to gauge whether what they are saying interests their listener.

How much do you look forward to your next encounter with that person?

In the same spirit, when you want to share news about your business, it's best to avoid a mass distribution to every media contact on your list and send your news out only to editors and writers who would be interested in that particular information. It shows you "know your audience," and it increases the likelihood that they'll respond to your next email with curiousity rather than a groan and a quick delete.

The media offers assistance in distributing news to their readers and viewers. You need to make sure that they will help you reach your target audience and that what you offer them will help them reach their goal of creating meaningful content that will interest their audience.

The same point applies to social media. Post regularly, but not constantly. Select and customize your content for each social media platform. If you send your message out through a variety of outlets, staggering your posts will help you reach a broader, more receptive audience.

You do need to communicate to help your business grow. Being thoughtful about it will boost your communications' effectiveness and develop a more receptive audience.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013 15:19

The PR Value of Environmental Scanning

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While business owners are busy running their businesses, as they should be, the rest of the world continues to churn out new developments, plan events, publish information and perhaps even talk about their businesses.

If all of this goes on with nobody responsible for trying to find out what these things might offer in terms of business promotion and engagement, countless opportunities will be left unexplored and undeveloped.

One benefit of working with a public relations professional that is often unknown or unrecognized by small business owners is Environmental Scanning - monitoring the environment to identify opportunities and connections that may benefit the business. Keeping up with relevant media, doing online research, engaging in exploratory discussions - all of these activities can expand the small business owners' reach when they have a PR pro working with them.

Large companies have staff members who are constantly engaged in exploring the environment and reaching out to make connections. Although most small business owners cannot afford full-time staff for this assistance, they can engage an independent PR person to expand their knowledge, reach and opportunities.

What are the best outlets for news about your business? What opportunities are there for you to meet prospects and promote your products or services? What are others saying or posting about your business?

If you are too busy to find the information and explore the opportunities that will help your business grow and succeed, a PR pro can provide environmental scanning as part of a public relations service package.

PRecise Communications - the PR department for small businesses.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013 15:09

Making your news easy to find online

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Sharing news about your business brings it to the attention of your prospects and reminds customers and clients why they should keep doing business with you.

Sending a well written news release to a select list of media that would be interested in it is the most obvious place to start. Posting it on your website is another good move.

If you really want to make sure it will be noticed by anyone who searches for your business online, though, you should publish it through an online wire service.

This can be done for no or low cost, and it shows up in searches as a stand-alone item.

Search happens! Help online searchers find your good news as well as your website.

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